Parking Boss
November 7, 2017

New NMHC/Kingsley Renter Preferences Report Shows Parking is a Key Amenity

The National Multifamily Housing Council (NMHC) and Kingsley have released a new 2017 renter report after surveying over 272,000 renters.

88% of surveyed renters look for secure resident parking as a community amenity. Of those renters, 71% won't sign a lease without it.

See the full infographic & results at

Secure and well-managed parking is important to renters, but it can be an overwhelming or out-of-control problem for managers. How do you get back control? With Parking Boss, track residential vehicles and easily manage guest parking with one easy system.

Include your security team with the Field Agent user type to issue violations and validate residents. You'll be able to know what is happening in your lot and create a fair parking system. Turn your parking from a mess into a well-managed amenity for your residents.

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