Parking Boss
November 22, 2019

Smart Map™: The Best New Solution for Parking Space Management

Parking Boss’ Smart Map™ is an interactive map that provides an overhead view of the parking spaces in your community. Smart Maps are a great way to visualize your parking and make informed decisions on space assignments.

Smart Map is a helpful tool for your leasing process. Leasing agents can use it to easily assign the best spaces to residents based on space and apartment location. Available for customers with maps created after October 1, open spaces will be visible up to 60 days in advance. If residents are looking to have a space close to their building, leasing staff can use the map to upsell premium reserved spaces.

How does it work? Smart Map integrates with your Parking Boss account and Smart Decals. Once you provide us with a map of your property or garage, our team will work with you to create an interactive digital version based on real geo-location data. Your map will include all available spaces with numbers, as well as other points of reference within the garage or around the community, such as the pool, pet park, and fitness center.

Spaces are color-coded to quickly identify space type and status and highlight where ADA, Guest, future resident, and premium reserved spaces are located. Leasing staff can view the history of each space to identify which unit and vehicle it’s assigned to.

Managers who use Smart Map love it for its ability to simplify parking space management. One community manager said, “We really like having the Smart Map in the office. When people call in issues, it makes it a lot easier to see the history of a space and see what’s going on in that space. We used to use binders and excel sheets, so having the map has really exceeded my expectations.”

Smart Map makes managing assigned spaces easy and efficient. If you’d like to implement Smart Map at your community, reach out to your account manager or request a demo.

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