Smart software built for the modern community

Mapping a better resident experience

Unlock a host of previously impossible experiences, from what’s in your city or neighborhood down to the smallest detail.

We model your community as real-world, geospatial data and export it into open formats. You’re not forced to use someone’s custom format or SDK; any geospatial platform or tool can integrate.

Usage engine built for shared spaces

Control usage to meet your needs while also providing fairness, accountability, and easy access to your residents.

Our policy, meter, and permission engine is unmatched in the industry and enables us to power usage controls that no one else can touch.

QR codes for quick access

Everyone has a smartphone these days, so QR codes are perfect for linking digital data to the real world.

Long before COVID-19 put the QR code front and center, we were taking advantage of it for signage, permits, validation, and more.  We’re proud to have been ahead of the curve.

Our API plays well with others

We can integrate with other platforms or make your data available in ways that are tailored to you.

All of our products are built on our modern, secure, easily-integrated API. We know this because we use it ourselves to build the products our customers use every day.

It’s your data, not ours

You entrust us to provide a better experience for your residents and we value that trust.

Our business depends on that trust and building solutions you want to use, not collecting a bunch of data about your residents and visitors that we then turn around and to sell. Never, ever.

Built for speed and security

Our platform, API, and apps are designed to be fast, reliable, and secure. We carefully choose cloud products from Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS and follow all of their guidelines and industry best practices for transferring and storing data.

Everything we do is end-to-end encrypted and we design our systems to be simple and easy to test.

Anytime, anywhere, anyhow

Our suite is fully cloud-powered and built for the open web. This puts our apps on any device with just a click, automatically formatted and sized to give you the best possible experience.