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Create apartment parking harmony

Our 24/7 self-service parking app keeps residents accountable and makes guest parking more available, which makes everyone happy.
Create an environment of accountability
Establish resident expectations from the start
Guest parking rules are clearly marked with custom signage
Get better reviews
Make Your Guest Parking Fair
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Generate new parking revenue & boost efficiency

Increase property value without the impact on your budget by transforming empty spots into rentable parking spaces.
Generate income with guest parking
Create and manage premium assigned spaces
Increase staff efficiency
Grow your NOI
Increase Revenue With Your Parking
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Find unauthorized occupants

Parking is the gateway to your community and tracking vehicles is a proven way to stop abuse.
Easily identify unauthorized vehicles without a parking permit
Reduce behavior problems with smart parking decals
Stop non-residents from consuming resources
Know who’s living in your community
Fix Your Resident ParkingEnforce Your Parking Rules
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“ didn’t take long before we saw the positive impact Parking Boss had on resident compliance issues and behavior problems, in large part due to identifying unauthorized occupants.”
Lacy Devela, Director at FPI Management

Stop parking abuse in your apartment community

Parking Boss provides the perfect combination of materials and software to help you can regain control.
Track and validate every vehicle on your property with a smart parking system
Set your own custom guest parking limits
Keep residents and enforcement agents accountable
Built-in violation tracking
Enforce Your Parking Rules
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Software-first apartment parking solution

Parking Boss web-based applications are beautifully designed so your Admin team can have complete control.
Admin software for complete control
Smart Parking Map for easy space management
Field Agent and smartphone LPR for parking enforcement
Parking Attendant for residents and guests
Fix Your Resident ParkingUse Tech to Enforce Parking
parking boss apartment parking software multifamily parking solution

Integrate smart parking materials

Professionally-designed smart parking materials are included with every account in order to streamline your parking operations.
Unlimited Smart Decals for resident vehicles
Construction-grade parking signs
Smart Warning stickers for parking enforcement
Built-in onboarding docs in English, Spanish, and French
Make Your Guest Parking FairFix Your Resident Parking
parking boss smart parking map smart parking system

High-tech hardware integrations for advanced parking solutions

Parking Boss integrates with high-tech IoT hardware when a more robust solution is required
Mobile or stationary LPR for automated enforcement
Parking sensors for instant feedback and measurable data
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